The famous Dream Machine patch 6.72 from Allen Strange's book "Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques & Controls".
There was no human interaction during the recording.


Some recently built Serge modules, schematics by Ken Stone.
CGS114 DUSG (Dual Universal Slope Generator), two CGS92 SSGs (Smooth and Stepped Generator), CGS34 ASR (Analog Shift Register).
Also a Polivoks VCO, an LFO by Niklas Rönnberg, a Fonitronik Buchla Voltage Processor and an ASM-1 VCA (used as a mixer).


So, after building a makeshift table and buying a new audio interface (Behringer UCA 202), here is a video the first patch.

The first cabinet on the right (finished May 2017) is named Xena, the second one Gabrielle.