I was always fascinated by the sound of spaceships rumbling through empty space. So listen to the sounds inside and outside of a spaceship.

Created with my DIY modular synthesizer. Main audio source is a CGS77 Serge 1973 VCF. Reverb through PT2399 and Alesis MidiVerb. Modulation with NLC Triple Sloth. CGS76 Envelope, CGS114 Dual Universal Slope Generator.

Be sure to turn in enough bass to hear Battlestar Galactica rumbling on it's endless journey.


My first contribution to the weekly Disquiet Junto community project.

I used my DIY hardware modules instead of the Reaktor Blocks modules suggested by Robin Rimbaud

Here is what he suggested und what I used instead

  • Bento Box Osc - Thomas Henry 4046 VCO
  • Bento Box SVF - CGS77 Serge 1973 VCF
  • Bento Box VCA - L-1 Tube VCA
  • Bento Box Mix - simple output mixer
  • Bento Box Env - CGS76 Serge Envelope (in cycle mode)
  • Bento Box LFO - 1/2 CGS114 Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator
  • Bento Box S&H - yusynth S&H and noise
  • Bento Box 4 Mods - two Baby 10 Sequencers and a Turing Machine (Arduino based)

A litte jam with my Lunetta. LogoRok is the artist name for a new project of mine and Modulo is the name of an album soon to be released on Bandcamp.

In the last days I recorded some pieces with my lunetta. They're going to be released on bandcamp as artist "Logorok".

Here is a raw, unedited recording of the first track.