My own design. Two 6.3 mm output jacks, Micro USB power input (system runs on 5 volts), banana jacks to for power distribution to the other case or to input power from another system.

Todo / improvements:

Micro USB ist a by flimsy, perhaps use normal USB as power input?


Moduletta Mixer

Simple mixer with a MCP6002 as OpAmp. MCP6002 is a rail-to-rail OpAmp, so I can get the maximum headroom out of 5 volts.


Limited headroom and dynamics. If you turn one part louder, the other ones become quieter.




Moduletta VCF


The effect of a VCF in a lunetta system is not very big, because the signals are clipping very fast. But it's audible.

A simple T-filter. I didn't build the attenuated inputs.

VCF schem

 Moduletta VCA


Triggered VCA with a simple decay-envelope. There is an extra output for the envelope, which can be used for other purposes.

VCA schematics



Moduletta LFO / VCO

Three VCOs and one VCLFO.

VCO schem

Todo / improvements:

CV Input is not attenuated. There should be an LED for the LFO.


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